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Mural for Coronation Festival 2013

Village, farm, chalk stream and manor house are drawn from all over England, but the resulting scene looks very like the northern part of the Stour Valley in Dorset, which is where I live. The landscape is divided into farmland, coppiced woodland (where many of my client's materials are sustainably sourced), under-managed woodland and parkland. Every tree and plant had to be identifiable, i.e. the coppiced hazel, mature oaks, ash, willows & aspen near the river, and cedars, limes and copper beeches in the parkland. The countryside abounds in brambles, nettles, thistles and grasses - all just turning brown as October advances.


Section of mural commissioned by Winterborne Zelston Fencing who make stunning bespoke gates, fences, bridges & buildings from hand-cleft oak and sweet chestnut.
My brief was to portray these products in context in the English countryside. The panels lined the company's stand in the garden of Buckingham Palace for the Coronation Festival in July. The terraced garden was a backdrop for co-exhibitor, royal florists Edward Goodyear (by appointment to HM the Queen).